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On-Demand eDiscovery Webinar: Best Practices to Avoid Missing Evidence in Large Document Reviews

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Webinar Description

Nothing can be more disastrous than showing up at a depo and finding that your team missed a key piece of evidence in document review, but your opposition found it. Not finding that “smoking gun” admission, or allowing critical privileged information to slip through into a production can be avoided, but only if your search tools are fully functioning. Many attorneys assume that all eDiscovery processing approaches and search tools and techniques are basically the same, but nothing could be further from the truth. In this webinar learn crucial search functions and critical indexing differentiators that will protect you from inadvertently missing important evidence during eDiscovery.

Webinar Agenda

-Overview Modern Search and eDiscovery Indexing Technologies
-Basic and Advanced Search Options in Use Today
-Search Indexing ‘Gotchas’
-Pitfalls of Relying Solely on Image-Based OCR Indexing
-Why Native Extraction Alone is Ineffective
-Complexities of Working with Foreign Language & Translated Text
-Optimal Seach with a Concatenated Indexing Approach

More About the eDiscovery Webinar Series

This Webinar is part of our eDiscovery Webinar Series, with new instalments monthly which cover a variety of eDiscovery concepts and Best Practices. You can view any of our past Webinars OnDemand.

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