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Best Practices: Managed Review

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Review costs continue to be the dominant portion of discovery expenditure for corporate legal departments and law firms involved in large-scale litigation and government investigations. As the number of documents to be reviewed in any given case continues to grow exponentially, the time to review them has not. The challenge of finding cost-efficient solutions to complete large review assignments on time and within budget becomes more pressing each year. Outsourced managed review is a favored option in many large document cases to bring specialized review expertise and staffing to bear to handle large-scale productions, privilege review, redactions, and issue coding.

This Webinar Covers:

  • Significance of efficient review relative to discovery costs
  • Benefits and caveats of traditional staffing v. managed review
  • Planning and administering a large scale managed review
  • Training review teams to optimize coding consistency
  • Importance of process and workflow designs
  • Managed review quality control and testing protocols
  • Reporting to evaluate productivity and review status
  • Avoiding inadvertent privilege release and waiver
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