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OnDemand Processing

Whether you are a litigation services provider or internally managing litigation support functions within a law firm or corporate legal department, ESI processing deadlines can often exceed capacity. The consequence of this is being forced to prioritize some clients over others even though all the processing needs are time sensitive.
In order to increase internal capacity, past options have included the purchase of additional processing software licences and local hardware, as well as increased staffing, to marginally increase throughput and meet demand. But what about when processing demand temporarily recedes? Organizations then must absorb the cost of inactive resources until processing needs once again peak.

eProcessing+ from Lexbe is an exciting new alternative ESI processing solution that can complement existing infrastructure and capacity. As a software-as-a-service (SaaS) offering, eProcessing+ enables service providers and litigation support departments to scale up for periods of high demand and scale down when things cool off. And with no associated hardware or licensing costs, plus reduced staffing requirements, eProcessing+ lets you align case costs with revenues.

Topics to Be Addressed Include:

  • Why ESI processing needs continue to grow exponentially
  • What problems can develop when demand exceeds capacity
  • How firms have inefficiently adressed this problem in the past
  • How the eProcessing+ platform works
  • Cost and operational benefits of scalable processing resources

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