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On-Demand eDiscovery Webinar: eDiscovery Planning for the Plaintiff Lawyer

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Webinar Description

eDiscovery Planning for the Plaintiff Lawyer

Leveraging hold notices, ESI protocols, meet and confer, and other opportunities to obtain the evidence needed to successfully build a case

Trial lawyers often represent the primary requesting party for document-complex discovery and litigation. Increasingly, this can overwhelm how they traditionally have reviewed productions and marshalled potential evidence. Plaintiff lawyers, particularly if operating on a contingency basis, must carefully budget their time investment and client expenditures, while continually revaluing the case potential. Exploding electronically stored information (ESI) collection sizes in modern litigation makes this a difficult balancing act, requiring litigators to thoughtfully plan their document request, create reasonable agreements with opposing counsel and aggressively advocate for their eDiscovery rights. Craig Ball, a noted authority on eDiscovery and computer forensics, offers practical advice as to how trial lawyers can obtain the evidence they need to successfully build their case and effectively advocate for their clients.


  • Responsibilities of the requesting party in setting the eDiscovery agenda

  • Best practices for litigation holds

  • How strategic agreements with opposing counsel can advance effective discovery

  • Dealing with preservation and spoliation issues

  • Preparing for the Rule 26 conferences

  • Closing advice and take-aways

More About the eDiscovery Webinar Series

This Webinar is part of our eDiscovery Webinar Series, with new instalments monthly which cover a variety of eDiscovery concepts and Best Practices. You can view any of our past Webinars OnDemand.

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