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Lexbe Redesigns Platform Interface

In early November 2017, Lexbe deployed a revamped graphical user interface (GUI) for its eDiscovery platform. The updated GUI follows Google’s guidelines for Material Design, allowing for a consistent experience across software applications. By following these industry standards Lexbe users are able to intuitively┬ánavigate their user dashboard, locate menus, and perform search functions. Improving the user experience has the tangible benefit of accelerating document review.

While the interface has been revamped, Lexbe has kept popular features in place. Advanced search, the integrated document viewer, our proprietary Uber Index, and all of the other core applications our users depend on are untouched except for modernizing their appearance and functionality.

Lexbe’s advanced search application still allows users to perform comprehensive searches
Lexbe users will still view documents in an integrated tabbed environment.
DIY productions and briefcases are still core components of our platform.

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