NearDup Groupings+

Apply Near Duplicate Detection Technology For a Faster and More Accurate Review

Lexbe’s NearDup Groupings+ service helps you identify key documents, group similar documents, ensure consistency in privilege coding, and enable email threading.

As eDiscovery and electronic stored information (ESI) collections continue to increase in size, leveraging NearDup Groupings+ near duplicate identification technology can speed review, help to automatically identify critical documents, prevent the inadvertent disclosure of privileged information, and enable email threading. Lexbe’s proprietary NearDup Groupings+ technology finds dups that other technologies miss, as it is designed to work even with OCR errors, common to ESI document collections. Plus, our scalable back-end technology allows us to identify groupings fast — a day or two — even for collections of millions of documents.

Uses of NearDup Groupings+

  • Privilege Check: Identify near duplicates of privilege and work product documents so you can determine if they should be consistently coded.
  • Automatically Group Similar Documents: NearDup Groupings+ can be applied to group highly similar documents together for a faster, more consistent and efficient review.
  • Identify Key Documents: Documents that are highly similar to those already marked as ‘key’ to the case are automatically identified. Find more needles in the haystack!
  • Intelligently Thread Email: NearDup Groupings+ can identify and maintain email threads for coherent and streamlined review of related Outlook and other email files.

Benefits of NearDup Groupings+

  • Faster Review: Review Automatically identify and bulk code large groups of related documents for responsiveness, relevancy and issue coding. Speed document reviews and productions.
  • Consistent Coding: Grouping similar, key, and potentially privileged documents ensures that your productions are consistently coded and the likelihood of important information slipping through the cracks is reduced.
  • Prevent Inadvertent Privilege Waiver: NearDup Groupings+ will identify documents with similar content to those already marked privilege. This ensures you the ability to maintain the confidentiality of private and potentially case changing information.
  • More Accurate NearDup Groupings: Near duplicate technology traditionally fails when there are OCR errors or coding differences. Our approach is unique and robust, returning duplicates even with high OCR error rates.
  • Faster Identification: Near duplicate identification usually runs very slow, and especially slow as document collections increase in size. Our proprietary technology and scalable back end sets the bar, as we can run almost any job in a day or two, including ones with millions of documents.
  • Get NearDup Groupings for Your In-House Review Tool: We support the addition of a NearDup Groupings + field into all popular litigation support databases, including Concordancetm, iConnecttm, Ringtailtm, Summationtm, and Relativitytm. We take your data and return an overlay loadfile for easy and fast database updating.


Security is critically important to us. We specialize in eDiscovery processing, litigation support and online litigation database and document hosting. We are located in Austin, TX and all of our operations are conducted in the United States. We keep data on limited access servers in locked-down data centers. Files and information are stored and transmitted with 256 bit encryption. Find more information about our data security standards and security certifications here.

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