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Lexbe offers feature-rich and user friendly eDiscovery software to legal professionals for use through all stages of discovery. Our web-based eDiscovery software allows for users to upload and process native case data to their account for same day review in a paginated text-PDF format. That means your documents are available for search, review, bates stamping and production immediately rather than next week. Whether you are in need of a full featured eDiscovery document review platform with free case analysis and timeline functionality, or a hosted solution for handling excess processing demands, Lexbe provides the fastest eDiscovery software of its kind available. No user fees. No Case fees. Only pay for what you use with eDiscovery software solutions from Lexbe.

Lexbe eDiscovery Platform

Lexbe eDiscovery Platform is our full featured eDiscovery software application. Our hosted litigation document management solution features the ability to self-upload up to 10GB per day for same day review in addition to lightning fast, advanced search and coding capabilities. Lexbe eDiscovery Platform includes robust case analysis and timeline functionality in addition to online document processing capabilities. Prepare productions quickly and in multiple formats with Lexbe eDiscovery Suite to meet discovery deadlines and satisfy production requests.

Software Pricing

eDiscovery software from Lexbe is priced based on the amount of data you host and on a per GB scale. We do not charge user fees or case fees. We consistently are able to improve our processes and we pass those savings on to our customers through reduced storage fees. Our prices also decline with increased volume – that means the more you host, the less you pay per GB.

To learn more download these Overviews:
Lexbe eDiscovery Platform [PDF]
Lexbe eDiscovery Services Security Overview [PDF]
Lexbe Rapid eDiscovery Services [PDF]

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