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eDiscovery for Managed Review Providers

Review costs continue to be the dominant portion of discovery expenditure for firms involved in complex litigation. As the volume of documents to be reviewed in any given case continues to grow exponentially, the challenge of finding a high performance yet cost-efficient solution to complete large review assignments become more pressing.

In addition to the high direct costs of traditional staffing, firms feel the pain of hiring each new contract reviewer through the added user fees, licensing costs, and increased overhead associated with many review tools.

Managed Review providers have addressed many of these cost issues by specializing in the management, administration, and execution of large scale litigation document reviews. By leveraging a single point of contact, firms choosing to enlist managed review services gain access to state of the art review facilities and hardware, project management expertise, review attorney recruiting expertise, and best of breed litigation document management software like Lexbe eDiscovery Platform.

Review & Case Management Solutions for Managed Review Providers

Advanced eDiscovery Search PostTHmbnl Lexbe eDiscovery Platform has been designed to maximize the productivity and specialized skill sets of managed review teams. Through dynamic review sets, instant progress/output/QC reports, and optimized workflow designs Lexbe eDiscovery Platform provides a comprehensive software solution for managed review teams. With no user fees, case fees, or setup fees, Lexbe’s full-featured solution further supports your firm’s efforts to control review costs while still delivering the highest quality service and deliverables.

Key Managed Document Review Features and Benefits of Lexbe eDiscovery Platform

  • Generate Instant Reports – View reviewer productivity, overall review progress, and quality control reports immediately.
  • Early Case Analysis – Analyze data and custodians, summary reports of ESI.
  • Dynamic Culling – Defensibly remove unneeded ESI with dynamic culling by custodian, date, file type or keyword.
  • Bi-directional Excel Integration – Backup review progress instantly. Create on-the-fly privilege, redaction, productivity reports.
  • Processing and Loading – Load native files (Outlook, Word, etc.), PDFs or TIFF/load files. We support it all. All files are converted to PDF for integrated viewing, search, and download.
  • Document Review – Search results in seconds, unlimited coding fields, integrated native files and more.
  • Productions – Our blended productions meet any need: natives, PDFs, TIFFs and load files.
  • Depos, Motions & Trial – Transcript analysis, dynamic timelines, document repository, and more.
  • Full Control – You have complete flexibility to manage and set-up cases, load documents, productions, etc., without investing in outside service vendors, saving you time and money.
  • Cross Platform Support – Lexbe is completely web based and supports both PC and Mac users.
  • Channel Partnership Opportunities – Increased margin support and dedicated account management.
  • Responsive Support – Lexbe offers multiple support options based on your needs including online and phone.
  • Custom Training and Services – Need more help? Lexbe can also provide additional training, technical services, and eDiscovery expert consulting, as needed.

Managed Review Resources

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Other Lexbe Services and Offers

Lexbe eDiscovery Services- Lexbe provides a variety of eDiscovery services to assist firms involved in litigation with the challenges of quickly and accurately preparing large volumes of email, office and other native files and other electronic stored information (ESI) for legal review and delivery for discovery production requests. We distinguish ourselves with proprietary scalable eDiscovery back-end processing power that allows us to handle even the largest jobs quickly and cost-effectively.

Free eDiscovery Processing for Managed Review Providers With Annual Contracts – We will process your case documents and data at no charge when you host your litigation collection with Lexbe’s easy-to-use and award winning hosted review platform for an annual contract for the hosted data. That’s it. No hidden fees, no loading fees, and no run around.

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