Large Law Firms

As a large law firm you demand the highest level of expertise, experience and features in the litigation support software and services you use. Vendors must seamlessly support and leverage your staff, processes and capacities, no matter how they are currently structured. Plus, costs must be transparent, reasonable and predictable.

At Lexbe we help get the most out of your capacities and staff by providing fast, highly scalable and cost-efficient eDiscovery software and services to handle your needs.

eDiscovery Processing

Lexbe eDiscovery Services deliver fast and effective processing of electronically stored information (ESI). Using the latest high throughput technologies, we can scale immediately to meet your document processing needs.

Hosting & Review

Lexbe eDiscovery Platform is a comprehensive case management and document review solution that lets legal professionals quickly and easily analyze, search, review, produce, and securely share litigation documents.

Litigation Support Services:

  • ESI Culling+: Reduce ESI stores to manageable sizes with DeNIST, deduplication, date culling and keyword culling. Metadata extractions and PST reconstitution is available as well.
  • Privilege Secure+: Prevent the inadvertent disclosure of privileged documents.
  • Native Processing+ (to PDF): Convert native documents, including Outlook Email and Microsoft Office files, into PDF format for searchability, bates stamping, and preparation for online review.
  • Native Processing+ (to TIFF): Convert native documents, including Outlook Email and Microsoft Office files, into TIFF format for searchability, bates stamping, and preparation for online review.
  • Native Extraction+: Flatten and extract native file attachments and metadata to create loadfiles in preparation for native or near native review.
  • eDiscovery OCR+: Increase searchability of PDFs, TIFFs, or document-formatted JPGs or PNGs, in connection with litigation document review and searching, using our optical character recognition technology.
  • ESI Preservation+: Early case nearline storage of pre-processed data collections.

Document Management and Review Software:

Lexbe eDiscovery Platform: Our hosted litigation document management solution features the ability to self-upload up to 10GB per day for same day review in addition to lightning fast, advanced search and coding capabilities. Lexbe eDiscovery Platform includes robust case analysis and timeline functionality in addition to online document processing capabilities. Prepare productions quickly and in multiple formats with Lexbe eDiscovery Suite to meet discovery deadlines and satisfy production requests.

Free Processing is available when you commit to host your data in Lexbe eDiscovery Platform for 6 months. Take advantage of Lexbe eDiscovery Platform and the major cost savings experienced when you eliminate processing expenses.

Benefits of Lexbe eDiscovery Software and Services for Large Law Firms:

  • Fast eDiscovery Processing for large jobs you can’t handle fast enough internally.  We are able to cull, OCR , process to TIFF with load file, and produce at the rate of hundreds of GBs per day.
  • Comprehensive hosted review including the ability to search and code cases with over a million documents in seconds, not minutes or hours.
  • Self-Administration, load and download options enables your litigation support staff to access our industry-leading infrastructure.  Do-it-yourself, when needed, to handle functions immediately, instead of waiting for long vendor response cycles.
  • Our Native to TIFF+ processing service is not only amazingly fast, but provides “standard” and without additional charge: TIFFS, text, PDFs, linked Natives, extracted metadata and DAT/OPT (Concordance), DII (Summation), LFP (iPro) and XLSX (Lexbe) loadfiles to support all major litigation support databases and needs for processed ESI.
  • Fast and comprehensive Early Case ESI reporting to enable early stage analysis of ESI collection and custodian identification methodologies to ensure that ESI is being collected defensibly.
  • Comprehensive Dual Index+ feature means that our search will pick up key documents that other indexing systems will miss.
  • ESI Culling+ plus service offers an amazing combination of speed and features.  We can load and process hundreds of GBs a day and we also offer culling based on fielded metadata, email expansion of attachments, extracted text OCR of image files, and more.  This means Lexbe culling will catch documents other eDiscovery software can miss.  Plus iterative culling is available to analyze through pivot tables various culling options based on custodian, date, keywords and other factors to provide you with maximum flexibility.
  • Expert eDiscovery Project Management+ professional services provide you with supplemental expertise when needed.

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