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Finding Holes in Productions

As document productions have ballooned in size, determining if a production is adequate has become increasingly difficult. The days of judges and magistrates turning a blind eye to bad discovery are over. So plaintiffs and defendants increasingly need to know if productions are adequate and defensible or instead are riddled with obvious data holes.

Modern eDiscovery software analytics can help. Production metadata and other reporting statistics can be mined and diced and sliced to show the consistency of produced documents over time, by email source and file type, from source and by key case issue. These top-level reports often quickly and accurately show if discovery is defensible or riddled with holes. This important early case analysis can make or break a case for plaintiff or defendant.


  • Receiving Party‚Äôs Complaints About Productions
  • Increased Scrutiny of Productions
  • Causes for Inadvertent Exclusion of Material
  • Areas for Examination
  • Bates Gaps
  • Maintaining Metadata
  • Leveraging Metadata to Analyze Production
  • Custodian Mapping
  • Analyzing Reports

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About the Speaker

Karsten Weber is CTO of Lexbe, and a frequent speaker and writer on litigation technology, document management and eDiscovery topics. He has his MS in Engineering from the Danish Technical Institute and his MBA from the University of Texas at Austin.

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